When she asks if he’s going to get married any time he says tying the knot is not something he’s “built for”.

The company focuses on the interests of people in a certain age range who want a place to feel confident and comfortable while seeking a potential date.

I just wanted everyone to know that the chatroom is not private.

There are 2 contests: one for Pumpkins collected from the most unique customers, and one for most Pumpkins overall.

Rather the name reveals its essential characteristic.

With just her hijab and tops on, this guy begins to bang her butt and just look at the hot movements of her big breasts. So, finally, this sexy Pakistani submits to him in the doggy position which he nicely makes use of.

We prefer average couples with a hidden naughty side.

The feature that lifts the VIRB 360 above the competition, and potentially Go Pro’s alternative when it arrives, is the resolution it shoots at.

Those of the female gender like to be refered to as "ladies" becuase that is whay they are... Before anything else, Scooter, you might need to wait for your testicles to drop and your voice to finish cracking. Seriously, "older" to you is someone who can legally buy booze.