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One of the other outstanding positives about this location is the beautiful laundry and fold facility setup you have provided for your guest.I normally do laundry around this hour on a Sunday because it is less traffic especially and to have clean clothes for my kids and me for the week.

In September 2017, immigration attorneys accused Motel 6 desk clerks at two locations in Phoenix, Arizona, of notifying US Immigration when guests checked in only with identification from Mexico.Sonya is a delight and thorough, she really knows how to run a great team.Hash at the front desk is always cheerful and one of the most skilled customer service professional I have ever had the pleasure to exchange business with.As I load the final loads into the dryer, I notice that I do not have enough quarters to dry one of the loads, which were my white clothes, so I quickly rush out to grab 6 more quarters.When I return, could not be more than 5 mins, one of your fellow occupants was in the laundry room doing laundry as well, informed me that someone removed my laundry out of the dryer that I was just loading up without recognition of my vanished laundry.

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