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All this in crystal-clear, life-sized high definition imagery. Goodman, Jennifer said angrily "I knew something was up with him, but..nothing so..disgusting! " "I know how troubling this can be to see" said Dr. "However, we now know exactly what Len has been doing so we can now start helping him." "Helping him! "In fact, your son is quite normal; he just needs some guidance and training". "For all their bluster and macho behavior most males have feminine fantasies, of one sort or another. Goodman, "however, if you look closely at the video you can see that he is not as careful as he could be about taking and using your clothes." "I am not sure I follow" said Jennifer. Goodman, "he uses your clothes regularly, yet he makes obvious mistakes about returning them to their proper places.

" said Jennifer, still angry and becoming frustrated. Most would never admit to them of course, and fewer still would dare to act them out, however, it's not uncommon for some males to privately exercise their fantasies especially if they feel confident that they won't be found out. Len is just one of those males that have taken the first step from fantasy into reality. Even if you could somehow stop him from dressing up in my clothes, he still would have all the other idiosyncrasies we talked about earlier. Remember what we discussed during our first meeting? Goodman about three months ago on the recommendation for her life-long and best friend Ellenore Daniels. "Before discussing that, let's consider Len, first and what we have just seen and what it tells us about him" answered Dr. "Alright" said Jennifer, uncertain exactly where Dr. The thought of discussing the horrible video she had just watched, repulsed her, and Jennifer's eyes flicked towards and away from the TV screen. Goodman, noticing the quick movement of Jennifer's eyes, "however it tells us a lot about Len, and as such it's worth discussing. This is what made you suspicious in the first place.

' "I don't know exactly" replied Jennifer, pulling on her necklace again. "It's just that Len has never behaved like you would expect a boy to behave, if you know what I mean. I think it's why he's the way he is." "And how's that? "He does like hanging around my girlfriends however, especially Elle" added Jennifer quickly. In fact, it's too bad he wasn't born a girl, like his sister." "You said that he does not get along with his sister" commented Dr. When Len turned 13, Melanie was already out of college and living on her own. He's basically a grown man, and he's never had a girlfriend. I started to get the impression that my things have been moved around, that they were not quite how I had remembered leaving them." "By 'things' you mean articles of your personal clothing" said Dr. At first, I thought it was just me being absent minded or just plain forgetful. "I couldn't be absolutely certain it was Len and even if I was, I had no proof. She's the one that recommend that I come and see you." "Yes" said Dr. " "What your son is doing is not uncommon" said Dr. "I understand your concern that he might be wearing your intimate garments and, that given some of his other behavior that you described, that this might indicate a more serious problem". "Well first off, let me reassure you that Len's behavior, although not conventional, is not uncommon either, or for that matter all that unusual." "What? At best, he might be a transvestite, but that is far from certain at this point." Jennifer flinched at the word 'transvestite' but was relieved to hear that Dr.

I blame myself a lot for this, since I was forced to raise him by myself". Before Melanie left for college they used to fight a lot. Nowadays they see each other on weekends, but there is little interaction." "I see" said Dr. "But otherwise he gets along well with your friends". I thought he might be gay, and I even asked him, but he claims he is not, and I believe him." "Perhaps he just enjoys the company of older women then" said Dr. "Yes, that's what I thought too" said Jennifer, starting to pull at her necklace again. However, my intuition kept gnawing on me, telling me that something was not quite right." "I see" said Dr. "And so, you decided to find out." "Yes, exactly" replied Jennifer impressed at how perceptive Dr. "I arranged my panties in a particular way so I could tell for sure it they had been moved. "I thought that perhaps Len was curious or maybe looking for money (although he never seems to spend any and I always give him what he asks for without any hassles)". " "And then I noticed that some of my panties seemed to have been worn" continued Jennifer, her voice almost a whisper. Goodman remained silent but nodded encouraging her to continue. If I confronted him and he denied it, then what was I supposed to do? Goodman did not think her son wanted to have surgery and become a woman.

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