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His Real Time panel includes no doctors, but features two conservative pundits and a journalist — any of whom will likely take the opportunity to prod Maher in light of this week’s news.

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Barack has made it much more acceptable to discuss the non- Black side. He is a fine piece of ass."The entire notion of being 'Bi' racial, that is, is a concept that is really only given lip service."Who are you to say how anyone of a mixed cultural heritage should identify? I don't get black or gay conservatives."Agreed, r16.Stay out of our neighborhoods and keep away from our children, but be sure to vote for us in November, Uncle Tom! While many of you would like to be violent towards Amy Holmes. And be honest, are some of you turning on Bill, or off in this case, because he's "pro" Obama? Bill is frustrating in that he'll shout someone down as a conspiracy theorist if they even suggest that the Republicans didn't win 2000 or 2004 100% legitimately, or that the real story of 9/11 isn't exactly like the 9/11 commission report.....then he turns around and spouts his lunatic conspiracy theories about western medicine, nutrition, health, etc.[italic]Any black person that is voting for Mc Cain over Obama is ashamed of being black. Is it because Obama has no experience, versus, Mc Cain who has some knowledge? He doesn't get it."Is it because Obama has no experience, versus, Mc Cain who has some knowledge?"Obama has more experience than you're willing to admit, and Mc Cain's experience is way over-stated. Obama represents a way forward, while Mc Cain is just "Bush's Third Term", continuing down the road to disaster.Then Michael Shermer took him on, gently remonstrating with him, which led Maher to go full mental jacket trying to defend himself.He was even slapped down by Senator Bill Frist for saying he doesn’t believe in vaccines or “Western medicine.” Of course, given that I’ve been covering Maher’s antivaccine proclivities for a decade now, I was under no illusion that he had suddenly gone a conversion to science.

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