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A 10-minute drive from Germany and everything has a price.Teenage girls, pre-pubescent boys and what's known as "the special" - children of three and four, so young that they don't offer themselves but are offered by others, for rent or purchase.The film is divided into three separate segments by location, without narration.At the Hi Class massage parlor off Rachadapisek Road in Bangkok, the masseuses sit in ordered rows behind a picture window, "fishbowl" style, with customers ordering by number for a two-hour session.Is it "exploitation" if we witness a blowjob in the course of the investigation?Does Whores' Glory — nice title, could be a rock band — cause us to leer any more than The Hangover Part II did?

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Unlike in Thailand, in Bangladesh prostitution is a life sentence — once you're in, you and your family are stigmatized forever.Too many old-fashioned exploitation pics called themselves exposés while delivering forbidden sex under the noses of censors.Even for seasoned doc-makers like Austria's Michael Glawogger, the temptation to sell an un-documentary-like amount of tickets by showing us what goes on in bordellos in Thailand, Bangladesh, and Mexico must be overwhelming.Commoditized sex is a part of that larger discussion, and he's determined to dwell on the ugly side of the topic as the women describe their lives for the camera.We pass through the eye of the needle and learn how the world works, for better or worse.

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