Chapter 11 liquidating trustee

(O) "Manufactured housing dealer" means any person engaged in the business of selling at retail, displaying, offering for sale, or dealing in manufactured homes or mobile homes.(P) "Manufacturer" means a person who manufacturers, assembles, or imports manufactured homes or mobile homes.(AA) "Flood" or "flooding" means either of the following:(1) A general and temporary condition of partial or complete inundation of normally dry land areas from any of the following:(a) The overflow of inland or tidal waters; (b) The unusual and rapid accumulation or runoff of surface waters from any source; (c) Mudslides that are proximately caused by flooding as defined in division (AA)(1)(b) of this section and that are akin to a river of liquid and flowing mud on the surface of normally dry land areas, as when earth is carried by a current of water and deposited along the path of the current.(2) The collapse or subsidence of land along the shore of a lake or other body of water as a result of erosion or undermining that is caused by waves or currents of water exceeding anticipated cyclical levels or that is suddenly caused by an unusually high water level in a natural body of water, and that is accompanied by a severe storm, by an unanticipated force of nature, such as a flash flood, by an abnormal tidal surge, or by some similarly unusual and unforeseeable event, that results in flooding as defined in division (AA)(1)(a) of this section.(2) One member who has expertise and background in public health; (3) One member who has been appointed as a local fire chief pursuant to section 505.38, 737.08, or 737.22 of the Revised Code; (4) One member who is a manufactured home park operator; (5) One member who is either a manufactured housing dealer or a salesperson.(C) One member shall be appointed by the speaker of the house of representatives.(F) "Manufactured housing installer" means an individual who installs manufactured housing. (I) "Permanent foundation" has the same meaning as in division (C)(5) of section 3781.06 of the Revised Code.

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(EE) "Person" has the same meaning as in section 1.59 of the Revised Code and also includes this state, any political subdivision of this state, and any other state or local body of this state.

(M) "Manufactured home park operator" or "park operator" means the person who has responsible charge of a manufactured home park and who is licensed under sections 4781.26 to 4781.35 of the Revised Code.

(N) "Manufactured housing broker" means any person acting as a selling agent on behalf of an owner of a manufactured home or mobile home that is subject to taxation under section 4503.06 of the Revised Code.

(X) "Rental agreement" means any agreement or lease, written or oral, that establishes or modifies the terms, conditions, rules, or any other provisions concerning the use and occupancy of residential premises by one of the parties.

(Y) "Security deposit" means any deposit of money or property to secure performance by the resident under a rental agreement.

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