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"Generally, however, this collection has not been thorough or unified, as separate lines of business have often operated separate feedback collection initiatives.A multi-channel, end-to-end feedback initiative best parallels," what consumers are doing already.

There are moments when you want speak with someone, but do not have no one near.The May '08 edition includes a new online chat feature that allows Web marketers to answer consumer questions or get immediate feedback on their experience dealing with a company's products or services.The new version also includes surveys that are integrated with the chat applications.Web surveys enable a Web marketing company to gather information from anonymous online consumers, such as those who have abandoned shopping carts.The addition of the chat feature is an essential element in the company's strategy to position itself as the best available CRM package for business-to-consumer marketing programs, Hull said."For us to fill out a multi-channel feedback process that can work across e-mail, Web, voice channel as well as chat really helps us bring a really broad" product to the marketplace, Hull said.

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