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I know of women who have the opposite story (one of whom I know personally very well).She loved a guy who was sweet and treated her like an angel, but he was not mormon.Who does he think he is, expecting me to be some homemaker that cleans the house and cares for the children and cooks the meals for free, some sort of I know, me too! BTW, if your name is a Discworld reference I want to give you babies. Say, maybe you’d like to meet some of us—we’re really a neat group.” (go to 19)Just... I graciously turned down a nice LDS guy I nicknamed Norman the Mormon (for real) to date my never Mo husband.Not necessarily mine, but I'm sure I could scrounge up some good ones for you. Cause I couldn't imagine anything worse than a stereotypical BYU-style courtship and "temple" marriage and church-focused family.Set 1 Bertha, Me And My Uncle, Tennessee Jed, Jack Straw, Loser, Playing In The Band, Sugaree, Beat It On Down The Line, Black Peter, Mexicali Blues, Cold Rain And Snow, Me And Bobby Mc Gee, Comes A Time, One More Saturday Night Set 2 Ramble On Rose, Cumberland Blues, That's It For The Other One The previous night circulated to some extent as an FM simulcast but this night was always a mystery until it showed up here and on Dave's #3 (the 2nd set had shown up a little before).The previous night (also on Da P3, partly) is a better show but this show was ostensibly picked to put it in circ, and it does have a "newly discovered" Other One.Guess it's clear my goal was always to avoid what they suggest as a happy ending.

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I wouldn't call it a fatal flaw because it isn't like his guitar is inaudible, but this otherwise fine '71 show suffers from Jerry's lack of prominence in the mix. I think the Detroit Theater show two days later is a better performance with more jams.

Me and Bobby Mc Gee was played almost every night and they had it down, but this still may be one of 71's best versions. Phil is again terrific and there is certainly some great stuff all the way through.

There's a crazy tranny into Keith's first-ever Deal. Goode is great (though even this is surpassed by the night before).

Her husband becomes insecure and treats her poorly. She decides to divorce him, only to be guilted and shamed by her bishop and ward family.abuse, shunning, and ever fitting in.

Never mind you dumped him for banging high school girls while at pot and beer parties.

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