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Every relationship is bound to come across some hurdles.For Troy and me, being in a biracial relationship is something we've had to deal with.Winter believes developing a lightness can help a long-term couple parse through which issues matter and which should be allowed to slide.Always, always, always shake up your routine and work to maintain a sense of curiosity and wonderment with your partner; you're exploring this tricky world together, after all.Because the longest relationship you're ever going to have is the one with yourself.Might as well make that one as fruitful as it can be."Having that gut reaction doesn’t guarantee they’ll be the love of our life," Winter says, "but it does guarantee that their participation in our life will be impactful." This could mean three years, eight, 10, or 50.The important thing is to keep an open and honest dialogue going between you and your partner (or partners) and know that moments of unhappiness do not a relationship break.

Which makes keeping a sense of humor all the more important.If you have a friend who seems to be in the perfect relationship and never ever fights with her boyfriend, she's probably just kept quiet about the bumps in the road they've had.In order to keep a relationship longer than those first hazy months, both partners have to put in the effort.Meryl Streep has been married to Don Gummer for 39 years.That feels like a very long time for most of us, not least because it's more than likely that the longest relationship we've ever had is with Netflix and Facebook.

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