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Next thing I know I got my credit card statement where Zoosk charged me for a new subscription. In addition I've sent complaints to their complaints twice over the last 10 days and have received NO replies. Unfortunately there are no regulations on these online dating sites on how they can scam and get away with ripping the public off.

When I called them to explain the matter, they refused to refund the full subscription price and argued and argued with me. Clearly this company is fraudulent and should be shut down. Zoosk had a lot of phony member profiles that turned out to be just a way to lure you in.

The Girlfriend Activation System could be the answer.

All it takes is one little blunder and you fall down a slippery snake back to square one. A way of making your journey to get a girlfriend full of ladders and free of snakes…

Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, and before you know it Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Continue Reading Valentine's Day Gift Baskets We are just GIDDY over today's post, you guys... It can be SO tough to keep the distractions of these devices at bay - we totally get it!

Whether it’s meeting a girl, texting her, going on dates, or trying to make things official.

It’s a new product that has taken the dating world by storm. After all, approaching a girl in a bar is no walk in the park. If fear of rejection is getting the better of you, there might be a solution…

[Continue Reading…] Do you suffer from approach anxiety? [Continue Reading…] Are your thumbs letting you down?

So…you meet a cute girl, make her laugh, maybe even kiss her and at the end of the night you walk away with her number.

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