Dating white trash women

And last but not least, the bride feels no sentiment for something she will never wear again, therefore she has no worries about creating unnecessary waste or not donating it to a charity or someone else who might want it and her priority is to play in the mud above all else.

When it’s broken down like that ‘trashing the dress’ can seem cold-hearted or wasteful, even if the brides look like they’re having a grand time rolling around in the sand as if they’re on a Danielle Steele book cover or in the water like they’re The Little Mermaid.

The real sad part was it was right after we got back from our honeymoon.", " Not a wife and I\u2019m not asleep!

Quincy Jones isn’t finished bragging about his sexual prowess with younger women.

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However, since the dress is a sunk cost, the joke may still be on her…

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Jilted lovers to divorcees might be trying to eliminate all that bad juju or evidence of former happiness.

The fourth is that the bride is absurdly and obnoxiously rich and bought a dress just to trash it.

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