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You can also go to follow links in the commercial section.

A number of the tobacconists with links there carry Dunhills, and you can compare what you have with pictures or descriptions of what they offer to see how they line up, price-wise. The first digit is the bowl size, Group 5 in the cases at hand.

Is there any way to find out the value, if the pipe is still available and what the cost would be? Regards, Bill Cleary Patent No 363582 designates a UK patent on the metal peg Vernon tenon, applied for in 1931. Dunhills in good enough condition to be smokable seem to go for USD 50.00 and up, and more than that I would not venture to say.

The small number to the right of ENGLAND must be a 16, as Dunhill has never used the 10 as a date code. The pipe auctions on e Bay are a good indication of what used pipes are selling for, but you must check the prices of ones that have sold, as the bidding can skyrocket in the last few seconds.

I have two of Hacker's books, but they are of no help. The bottom of the shank is smooth and markings are: 64; EC; DUNHILL SHELL; MADE IN ENGLAND (IN SMALLER FONT); PATIENT 131418/20 (under MADE IN ENGLAND). thanks, bob Why do you need Hacker when I'm here? The patent number 30806 was used 1915 through 1925-1926 and maybe even later..

One is a straight smooth billiard 5 1/2" long, 1 3/4" high, 7/8" inside bowl diameter. It is marked on one side: A (followed by a small) o; then DUNHILL (over) LONDON. The underlined 6 would mean the pipe was made in 1926.

The second pipe you listed with a patent number I can't find but did find one very close: 1341418/20. If so, then I need to know the suffix number (underlined) that is either after the patent number or after ENGLAND.

On the other side: MADE IN ENGLAND 6 (six is underlined); "INNERTUBE" 50; PATIENT 30806 (back slash not forward slash "/"); Ex. Bruyere - introduced in 1910; signified by an "A" (meaning "best quality") on the side of the shank through 1975.

The 6 underlined would mean 1926 - they did not use group numbers before 1951.

Ask customer service for an address to which you can send your lighter for examination if it's one of the older models with an internal serial number.

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