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Harris is the original author of the widely circulated inspirational short story "The Room," which originally appeared in New Attitude, a quarterly magazine for homeschooled teenagers he published from 1995 to 1997.

("The Room" was later reprinted in I Kissed Dating Goodbye and is frequently misattributed to an anonymous author, or to deceased student Brian Keith Moore of Teays Valley, West Virginia.) In 1997, Harris published his first book, I Kissed Dating Goodbye, advocating a Christian approach to dating and courtship.

Sequels included Boy Meets Girl, in part describing his engagement to his wife, Shannon, released in 2000, and Not Even a Hint: Guarding Your Heart Against Lust in 2003.

Everyone at JPUSA lived in small bedrooms with other people like dormitories, and you lived with your spouse and children if you were married.

Not being married, I was immediately looking at options.

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Eventually, I returned to the Church and tried to be good.When I first reintroduced myself to the Church when I was 18 years old, I didn't know much about dating.Showing interest in a girl at church the second or third time I went, an acquaintance said that he didn't think she was interested in dating anyone. We're fresh adults in our prime, at the age of looking for a spouse. Later, I spent about three months in an intentional community of Christians: Jesus People USA.Most of the cute women were married off, and maybe of the younger girls were courting, or were pre-engaged.Not many options, not that needed a spouse yet, but I was trying to be a good Christian man but horny as hell.

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