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It was an expensive, aggravating time." It was not the first time a conservative social movement claimed the south central Kansas town as its staging ground.Early in the 20th century, Carrie Nation, a voluble evangelist who helped establish the Medicine Lodge, Kansas, chapter of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, brought her fight to Wichita.It covers four counties of flat suburban landscape criss-crossed by railroad tracks about 200 miles southeast of Kansas City An assortment of newer, upscale subdivisions and stately homes a few blocks from older craftsmen and ranch-style homes underscore the city's evolving landscape.

"After he receives his sentence on March 9 -- preferably the Hard 50, as District Attorney Nola Foulston is requesting -- he'll also get the consequence.

They'd rather be known for the restaurants and entertainment venues, quality schools and affordable housing that make Wichita one of the nation's "best-kept secrets," King says. George Tiller, a prominent abortion provider gunned down in church during Sunday services, focused national attention back on Wichita and its role in one of the most divisive legal and social controversies of our times.

It faded for a time, as Tiller's death led to the closure of Wichita's last abortion clinic, and activists on both sides shifted their focus elsewhere.

"Wichita's still a good place to raise a family, but it's not the same," he said on a recent morning as his brother, Thomas, sat across the table, nodding his head.

"You could say it's grown too big for its britches." After the Summer of Mercy, things mostly quieted down, resurfacing with an occasional protest that drew national media coverage, or a periodic extreme act directed at Tiller.

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