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You've written the email that will land you the job, get you the big meeting, or convince your landlord to finally replace your non-functional stove. Even (especially) if you are a professional comedian. Obviously, you should only use this sign-off if you actually expect to talk to the person soon. "It's the Oprah hug of sign-offs," says a colleague. But now you must choose how to end your flawless email. Unless you grew up actually saying "cheers," this is corny. This is a weird one because it sounds too formal, but also sounds like the way you'd sign a compulsory apology letter after egging your bio teacher's car. In the same vein, make sure that when you do want to have sex you are initiating it, at least occasionally.This will ensure that your sex life feels more equal, and that he doesn’t always feel like the one asking for, and being rejected for, sex.Do you feel more enthusiastic about sex with him when he acts romantically or when you yourself feel invigorated, attractive or appreciated?Explaining this will make it clear to him what sex means to you, and what enthusiastic consent looks like – namely, that it doesn’t look like him trying to sulk you into submission; it looks like both of you being aware and respectful of each other’s emotional states before and during sex. Does he want to have sex purely for the physical release or does he want to have sex to feel connected to you, or attractive, or appreciated, or wanted?Here’s the simple answer: he is not entitled to sex whenever he wants, you don’t need to defend your choice not to have sex whenever he wants, and sulking because someone won’t have sex with you is a form of coercion that I would deem a dumpable offence.You may think that the term “coercion” is extreme; it’s not.

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A colleague of mine refers to signing off with your initials (i.e.

Honestly, there's not much difference between this and "thanks" with a comma.

And in a world of overly flowery emails, that's not so bad, right?

If someone uses "best," they're probably trying to keep things low-key.

Dear Roe – my partner wants sex every night, sulks when I don’t agree, and wants to know why.

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