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If you are looking for fun things to do in Birmingham, Alabama with kids, this is a great place to visit.

Exhibits are designed to encourage exploring and questioning.

He starts collecting and restoring vintage motorcycles.

George Barber won 63 races in the 1960s, and when he retired, he decided to put a bit of his passion into building a museum for other speed enthusiasts.

Contact: 520 Sixteenth Street North, Birmingham, Alabama, Phone: 866-328-9696 Did you know that the Stegosaurus was up to 30 feet long but that its brain was the size of a walnut?

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Paramount Studios built the theatre in 1927 so that Alabama would have a place to showcase their films.After it closed, it was restored and it is the only blast furnace in the United States to be preserved.It is now listed as a National Historic Landmark and the site is used as a museum to explain the iron industry to the public.They also participate in many races of historic motorcycles and continue to win.This is the world’s largest motorcycle collection, according to Guinness World Records and one of the best things to do in Birmingham, Alabama.

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