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A long-running daytime talk series, more serious and thought-provoking than most, presided over by the former Navy officer and bestselling author.The emphasis is on issues affecting families and children, as well as on social ills.The Disney Channel has still not played any of the episodes, though ABC Family and MTV2 have been daring enough to do so.Reason: Flag burning, negative portrayal of Puerto Ricans This 1998 episode saw the gang being stuck in traffic during celebrations of the annual Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York.

Because clearly teenagers don't do such horrific things.'Promises, Promises' saw Cory and Topanga ponder losing their virginity on prom night, sex was also discussed in 'The Truth About Honesty', while Cory and Shawn having a cheeky drink in 'If You Can't Be with the One You Love' saw it axed after one airing.The episode still hasn't been shown on UK TV or released on region 2 DVD, and hasn't been repeated in the States since.Reason: Dealing with abortion This episode has still never been shown on American television.Yeah, it wasn't pleasant, but it has regularly been voted one of the best episodes ever.It received the first ever TV-MA warning for a network TV show (meaning minors shouldn't watch it), and Fox decided never to show the episode ever again.

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