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Several search engines have been written to help Perl programmers sort through the CPAN.The official includes textual search, a browsable index of modules, and extracted copies of all distributions currently on the CPAN.A distribution may consist of one or more modules, documentation files, or programs packaged in a common archiving format, such as a gzipped tar archive or a ZIP file.

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Also, the complete history of the CPAN and all its modules is available as the Git PAN project, allowing to easily see the complete history for all the modules and for easy maintenance of forks.Are there any plans to update the control panel assisted AWStats package from https://my.webfaction.com/applications?The installer currently provides Advanced Web Statistics 7.0 (build 1.971) from 2010-12-01.When metadata is not present in a distribution, the PAUSE's software will usually try to analyze the code in the distribution to look for the same information; this is not necessarily very reliable.With thousands of distributions, CPAN needs to be structured to be useful.

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