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Writers pen love letters to you, saying that seeing you play tennis is like a religious experience.

Even your rivals can't bring themselves to hate you, you're so darn nice.

In 28 Twenty20 innings in 2016, covering the IPL and international matches, Kohli has scored 1598 runs - and few would bet against him continuing that spree in the months to come."If you talk cricket with me I can keep going on. Just the mindset, understanding the game, understanding angles, playing in different situations ...

I like to learn from and discuss with a lot of people because eventually it will open your mind to new things you can absorb." -- Kohli, to The Cricket Monthlyin 2015-- Thomas Neumann The angel-faced Colombian was named after James Bond (although it's pronounced Ha-mes), and for a while at the 2014 World Cup, like 007, he seemed capable of pulling off the impossible.

I think he really wishes he could retire, but he doesn't know how to do it yet, and I don't think he wants to leave it where it is right now.

If he could win a major and walk away, he would, I think." -- Michael Jordan, basketball legend and friend of Woods-- Johnette Howard The hottest name from the top sport in a nation of 1.25 billion people.

Kohli also dated actress Anushka Sharma, one of Bollywood's biggest stars.

He's playing as well as anyone in the world, with four performances of 100-plus runs in the Indian Premier League this season.

To provide context, consider that all other players in the league have a total of three centuries in 2016.

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