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"He wanted to do the right thing by his family," an exclusive source tells us, adding that the romantic four-week trip to Europe he had planned to take with Michelle, he ended up going on with Froso and the kids.But it was during this trip that Commando realised that his heart was meant for Michelle."Commando was absolutely in love with Michelle, and going on a trip with Froso that he had planned to take with Michelle confirmed to him that Mish was the one," the source says.Who magazine scored an exclusive interview with Michelle, who also did some radio interviews this morning that went into her new relationship status.Michelle, who split from her husband of nine years, Bill Moore, in March (they’re still business partners), denies that she had an affair with Steve, who also recently split from his partner, Froso; they have two children together.

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"We were working 24/7, I'd started by 12 week body transformation program with another business partner, the show was on, books had to be written, it was getting really, really, really busy." She continued, "It was almost to my detriment because I feel like I was getting exhausted."It was always her worst fear that they would start a family together, giving him less time with the kids than he already has," the source said.Michelle Bridges has confirmed that she has dating her fellow The Biggest Loser personal trainer, Steve “The Commando” Willis.The fitness entrepreneur married Bill Moore in 2003, after meeting at the gym she was working at at the time."We had been great friends for many, many years and continue to be so even today," she explained to The fitness entrepreneur explained that once Bill left the gym to work in the car industry, Michelle's goal was to build up her business and brand so that her husband could join her team and work with her.

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